Email Marketing

According to 80% marketing professionals, email marketing drives great customer acquisition and retention. Another interesting research states that $1 spent on email marketing brings you $38 in return.

Electronic mail is a great medium to pass your message to a long list of potential leads. It is the most direct way to reach the audience as even compared to social media. It has higher conversion rates (converting leads to customers) than search engines and social websites. Around 3/4th of consumers still prefer to communicate on email rather than any other medium – be it print or call up. As it is something in record, they can rely on emails.

Why Email Marketing?

Here are 10 reasons to convince you about the benefits of email marketing for your business.

  • Global usage
  • Increasing number of emails sent everyday
  • High return on investment
  • Business growth
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Popular than social media
  • Preferred way of business communication
  • Higher transaction rates
  • Beneficial for active mobile users

We do it all for you.

We strive hard to filter the email lists so as to target your most possible consumers. Rather than working on random lists, we aim at reaching the right audience so as to get the highest conversion rates. Further, we write professional emails with right content so as to impress the people.